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Teaching the skills required to extend the working life of Europe's ageing population is necessary to achieve greater workforce participation and to enhance the social and civic inclusion of older people. It is widely accepted that to achieve more sustainable economic and social development, EU Member States must find a way to increase the labour market participation of older people. For measures to be successful, Members States must dedicate considerable effort to develop the skills and employability of older people. Yet despite the challenges of re-skilling and re-deploying Europe's older workers back into the labor market, educators working with older learners tend to have additional training needs which go unmet, and also tend to be the least well resourced in the field of adult education.

In-service training to support the continuous professional development of adult educators is essential if they are to develop new and innovative approaches to attract older learners to lifelong learning and to support them to learn the new skills required to extend their working life in our knowledge-based economy.

To address these gaps in adult education, the RESET project team proposes that education, guidance, training and employment opportunities must be adapted to an age-diverse workforce. Furthermore, new pedagogic approaches must be developed to appeal to the learning styles of older learners.

In addition, in-service training for adult education providers must be developed to enable them design and deliver new educational content across a variety of learning platforms and to support their continuous professional development.

To realise the potential of older workers and of adult education providers in this context, the RESET project will develop a comprehensive suite of bespoke curricula and learning resources to develop the skills of older workers as social researchers and to support them in developing their new business models, and also an in-service training programme to support adult educators delivering the new curriculum resources.